Homunculus S system

So what is the Homunculus S system all about?

Biochemists furthered their studies to the art of alchemy; learning more about different plants and their uses all the way up to maximizing the efficiency of their carts. Nevertheless, their curious minds hungered for more. With further studies, they have found the way to mutate their current partner Homunculus into something much more than what their minds could imagine. Thus, Homunculus S was born.

Homunculus S is the extension of the current homunculi (Lif, Amistr, Vanilmirth, Filir) You are able to mutate your current homunculus to any of the following:


  • Allows you to level your Homunculus up to 150.
  • Provides a new set of skills to combine with your previous evolution.

Provided these, you can have a combination of 20 types in total. (Vanilmirth-Eira, Vanilmirth-Sera etc.) So think wisely of your combination. They can help with your current build.

Random Facts

  • Your previous homunculus stats don’t matter. The only thing that is carried on towards being a Homunculus S are the HP/SP pool and skills.
  • All Homunculus S will even out their stats at lvl 150 This means that the only difference you can see form your homunculus to other people are their hp/sp pool.
  • They now teleport beside you when you are too far away from them. (Aka. Goodbye long distance Castling)
  • First generation homunculus can actually level past 99 now. But this is NOT recommended.
  • You get a chance to rename your Homunculus once it mutates to a Homunculus S
  • You get to keep the previous skill points of your homunculus
  • Homunculus S gain 1 skill point every 2 levels
  • All homunculus S combinations have different max aspds at lvl 150. Example: Vanilmirth-Dieter will have a different aspd from Vanilmirth-Eira.

How to get a Homunculus S

Speak to Viorel, who is waiting in the Genetic guild at Lighthalzen. This is where you change your current homunculus.


  • A lvl 99, Evolved homunculus (Preferably loyal so you could get their final skills.)
  • Zeny (around 50,000), so you could choose which Homunculus S you want. There’s a free option as well but it will give you a random Homunculus S.

0 You speak Viorel, a homunculus expert. You will be asked if you want to mutate your homunculus to a new form. Make sure your homunculus is out, not vaporized since the NPC will turn it to a “Special Embryo”.

0 Choose your homunculus S type, there are 5 choices and you have to pay if you want to choose, otherwise it’s free, but random.

Upon evolution, your homunculus will gain new stats, thus your journey with your improved partner has begun. Do note that this only applies to Genetics. Not Biochemists nor Alchemists. Their food is available at any Pet Groomer npc.


Food: Small Snow Flower

A fairy type homunculus known for their support. They enable you and your homunculus to attack at high speeds making ideal emperium breakers, dodge foes with high flee, and even cure statuses while healing you. They also have the ability to resurrect its master upon death in exchange for intimacy. Offensive skills are narrowed down to two, unfortunately with slow cast time.

Food: Fresh Plant

An offensive homunculus, relying on its horn for attacks, they bestow upon themselves the power of holy property attacks to go along with their neutral ones. They have self buffs that further the damage and support themselves. Also one of their notable features, is casting safety wall to the homunculus and the user, providing protection.

Food: Apple Pudding

An anthropomorphic bee homunculus who can summon minions to her aid, Sera is a great asset to any party, they have a skill called Pain Killer which injects a mild venom to you, or your party mates, which reduces damage by a ton (think of a free Mental Strength with no drawbacks). They also have single target offensive moves which paralyzes your opponents while you attack from afar, and they are also able to cast offensive area of effect skills.

Food: Big Cell

A little boy, encased in a giant potion bottle, this homunculus attacks with its golem like structure. A slow homunculus, they excel with their skills in battle. They could provide additional power to their master by adding ATK power, in exchange for the possibility to break your weapon. They also use AoE attacks to mob foes, and has an amazing debuff called Volcanic Ash, which makes demi-humans very vulnerable and less efficient. The catch is, your allies could also be affected.

Food: Bun

A cat girl homunculus who excels in one on one combat, their fighting style resembles those of a monk as they focus on spheres and combo skills in battle. When properly timed in conjunction with Genetic attacks, they create damage worth watching out for. Downside is their sp consumption, hence a Genetic must be ready to support their partner.

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