Genetic Job Change


Base level: 99

Job: 50

Class: Alchemist or Biochemist

1. Head to the Alchemist Guild in Aldebaran and talk to the “Alchemist Union Member.” (alde_alche 35,185).

When asked, tell him that you want to meet a Geneticist.

2. He’ll tell you to meet “Devries” in Lighthalzen.

3. Head to Lighthalzen and go to the Laboratory located at (almost) 9’o clock of the map. (lighthalzen 54,132).

4. Talk to Devries (job3_gen01 25,58) .

She’ll start talking about spores and the Alchemist Union. When prompted, tell her that “I’m also from Rune Midgarts.”

5. She’ll continue to talk and after a while she’ll be distracted by the noise that her colleague is causing. She’ll munch on a cookie that “Orlean” made and calm down.
6. She’ll talk about the cookie and the orders that she made for it. She’ll mention that there are boxes of those cookies located on the second floor of the laboratory. After a while, she’ll get distracted again by the noise and you’d have to calm her down.

7. Head to the second floor of the laboratory and look for the pile of boxes. Open the box and take out a cookie.

8. Go back to Devries and give her the cookie that you got from the box.

9. She’ll talk about “Demi”. She’ll ask your name but she’ll just call you “Popo” instead since she couldn’t memorize your name.

10. When asked if you came to her laboratory because of her study, choose “Yes.”

11. She’ll ask you if you want to be a Geneticist. Choose “I want to be a geneticist!”

Note: Choose the second option ONLY if you have done all Merchant- and Alchemist-related quests (i.e. Platinum Skills).

12. She’ll ask you to make a perfect soundproofing system using plants and apparati available on the first floor of the laboratory.

13. Read about plants on the bookshelf located at the side of the stairs.

14. Go near the entrance and click on the “Bigibigigrass.” When prompted, choose “Use it as material.”

note: for iRO

Acquire all of the following 6 plants:

  • Sticky Grass
  • Muka Tree
  • Bigibigigrass
  • Bogi Vine
  • Congra
  • Aolatura

15. Head to the “Testing Table” to test the plant sample that you acquired. Choose “Conduct an experiment.”

You need to do it in the following order. The names for each option may differ at random, thus you might have to repeat this sequence if unsuccessful.

  1. Crush
  2. Heat
  3. Put it into a Testing Flask and Shake
  4. Dip in distilled Water
  5. Inject it into a Testing Seed

16. If you managed to finish the experiment, you will obtain “Seed For Experiment.” Give this to Devries.
17. She’ll be amazed at your creation and will inform you that she’ll send a recommendation letter to the Alchemist Union.

18. Devries will ask you to go see “Demi Calburin” upstairs while you wait for the reply of the Alchemist Union.

19. Talk to “Demi Calberine”  (job3_gen01 91,48) on the second floor of the laboratory. She’ll talk about making modifications to pushcarts. She’ll then ask you to look for missing metal pieces on the second floor as she needs to complete a mini cannon.

20. Click on the “Scattered Stuff” on the table near Demi. Click until you have 10 little metal fragments (does not appear in storage).

21. Give the parts back to Demi. She’ll talk more about cart remodelling.
22. She’ll tell you to use your cart for 100 times. You’ll then fall down directly to the Poison Spore-filled pen located at the first floor of the laboratory. Kill 100 Poison spores to complete this step of the quest. Use the skill “Cart Revolution.” (you don’t really have to use it but it’s faster)

23. To get out of the pen, click on the sign board located just outside the pen.

24. Go back to Devries. She’ll tell you that the Alchemist Union has already replied. But before she reads the letter to you, she’ll tell you to take off your cart first.

25. Talk to her again and then you’ll be changed into a Genetic.
26. You’ll be awarded a Green Apple Ring (Req’d level: 99, All stats +6, Accessory) and the Genetic-exlusive headgear, Midas Whisper (Str + 1, Dex + 1, MDEF + 5, ATK + 5 and ASPD + 1 if Base STR is 120, Slotted, Req’d Level: 100, Uppear Headgear.

credits: iRO wiki, Hamipertus

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